Recommended websites

Awe In Autism is a website filled with inspiring personal stories of people on the autism spectrum and their families.

The Mighty is a website where you can find all the latest news regarding autism.

The I CAN Network is an organisation that is leading the rethink of autism through educating people on the spectrum to rethink what it means to be autistic.

Actually Autistic Blogs is a list of blogs written by people on the Autism Spectrum. their goal is to assemble the most complete possible list of Autistic blogs.

Amaze is the peak body for people on the autism spectrum and their supporters in Victoria.

Amaze raises awareness and influences positive change for people on the autism spectrum and their families/supporters and provides independent, credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government and the wider community.

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) is a state-wide advocacy service for young people with disabilities in Victoria. YDAS is the only advocacy service in Australia which exists specifically to work directly with young people with disabilities to achieve their human rights.

The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) is the peak body representing school aged students in Victoria.  their visions is a student-focused education system that enhances young people’s capacity to change the world.

Autistic not weird is a blog written by Chris Bonnello a former teacher in both mainstream and special education in the U.K who is also on the Autism Spectrum.

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