About the program

The Recharge Rooms in Schools Program allows schools to host one of our innovative Recharge Rooms permanently giving students of all abilities a safe and quiet space to go to relax and recharge at any point in the day that they feel overloaded. This program is one of a kind as it includes a consultation service in which we consult with school council, staff and students to design a space that suits the individual needs of your school and we assist in installing the space making the process as easy as possible. We are now looking for interested schools in Victoria to pilot this program in 2019. Pilot schools will be able to access this program at a subsidised cost and will act as a template for the future of this program. As many parents and teachers can agree this is a service that is long overdue, we lose too many young people who could possibly make a significant impact on our world because they cannot cope with mainstream school and it is time to act now before yet more young people slip between the cracks. If you are interested in being one of the pilot schools for 2019 feel free to fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch soon.

What Is A Recharge Room?

A Recharge Room is a dedicated space where people of all abilities can go to relax and recharge allowing them to participate in high sensory activities such as attending conferences. Recharge Rooms are designed to calm and recharge the senses, they do this with calm lighting, casual and comfortable seating such as bean bags, sensory toys such as fidget cubes and tranquil music.

Not Located In Victoria?

Don’t worry after the Pilot is completed we will be looking into running this program in other schools. Feel free to fill in the below form and we will keep your details for when we roll out this program in your state.

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