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A Day In The Life Of An Autistic Student

Imagine you walk into school like any other morning however unlike your peers you are unable to filter out all the individual sounds, smells and sights of everything around you. You can hear the individual conversations of hundreds of people at once. You can hear lockers opening and closing and you can smell that someone hasn’t cleared out their locker for the past month. … Read More A Day In The Life Of An Autistic Student


Q&A with Calum Courtney

Hi all, lately I have been brainstorming some ideas of how I could better use my Youtube channel and have some very exciting news to share. Next weekend I will be filming a Q&A style video with Calum Courtney which will be the first in a series of videos where I interview inspirational people on the autism spectrum. The best part is that you guys … Read More Q&A with Calum Courtney

Calum Courtney’s Final Performance

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you Calum Courtney‘s final performance on Britains Got Talent. Unfortunately, Calum didn’t win however he did end his Britain’s Got Talent journey with a bang. You can watch his final performance at: I hope you enjoy and feel free to share this with your family and friends. If you do enjoy Calum’s singing and want to support … Read More Calum Courtney’s Final Performance

Calum Courtney Makes The Grand Final Of Britain’s Got Talent!

I am so pleased to say that Calum Courtney has made it through to the grand final of Britain’s Got Talent and what better way is there than rewriting a song for your mother. Calum who is 10 years old and on the autism spectrum has shown the world that being autistic is not a negative thing that we should be ashamed of. he has shown … Read More Calum Courtney Makes The Grand Final Of Britain’s Got Talent!

Calum Courtney Update

Hi all you may have noticed over the past few months I have been talking a lot about Calum Courtney, the very talented 10 year old autistic singer from the U.K. Last night I heard he had made it onto Britain’s Got talent and after watching his performance felt a sense of pride. He actually got a full standing ovation and received the loudest applause … Read More Calum Courtney Update

2 Years Old Today!

Two years ago today, I wrote a Facebook post revealing a secret I had been hiding for four years. Since that day I have dedicated my time to advocating for a more accepting and inclusive world for people on the autism spectrum. Today we celebrate two years since the post that started this all, two years of giving hope to young people on the … Read More 2 Years Old Today!

Spectrospective 2018 Film

Hi everyone and once again Happy World Autism Awareness Day, I hope your day has been great so far. For those of you who unfortunately could not watch the Spectrospective film on the big screen, you can watch the full film and everyone’s individual video submission by heading to: You can also view my full video submission to Spectrospective by heading to:

Autism in the Classroom Presentation

Hi Everyone, below is a video of my talk on the topic of autism in the classroom which was presented at the 2018 National Future Schools Conference in Melbourne. I apologise for the quality of the video however, we had technical difficulties with connecting to the venue’s Wi-Fi.

Exciting News

Due to countless people recommending I write a book I have decided to do just that however, I am no author hence this post today, in order to make this project a reality I will need to hire what is called a ghostwriter. If you are interested in helping make this project a reality head to and be sure to share this with your family … Read More Exciting News

Let’s Take a Stand Together Against Bullying

Have you ever woken up in the morning, afraid of what people may say or how they might treat you at school today? this is the reality for 90% of students on the autism spectrum, this was my reality for 7 years. I went all the way through primary school afraid and ashamed of being me, I was called names, I was pushed and … Read More Let’s Take a Stand Together Against Bullying

Registrations close Tonight!

Join educators, Parents, Scout leaders and youth workers from across South West Victoria at Brauer College in Warrnambool to discover new ways to better include autistic students in group activities. The day will feature talks from students, parents, teachers, and professionals in the field of autism. There will also be a unique opportunity to converse with a student panel featuring young people from across … Read More Registrations close Tonight!

Thank You YDAS!

would like to take this opportunity to thank YDAS for supporting the Awetism Classroom Professional Development Day. Without their support, this unique event would not be possible. There are only 9 days left to register so be sure to reserve your spot before it’s too late by heading to my website

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