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A Day In The Life Of An Autistic Student

Imagine you walk into school like any other morning however unlike your peers you are unable to filter out all the individual sounds, smells and sights of everything around you. You can hear the individual conversations of hundreds of people at once. You can hear lockers opening and closing and you can smell that someone hasn’t cleared out their locker for the past month. … Read More A Day In The Life Of An Autistic Student


Channel Ten’s Comedy Is A Joke

Last night Channel Ten aired a comedy parody of an advertisement that made fun of the popular series The Good Doctor. This parody occurred on the show Skit Happens and the video began with the producers making fun of how some autistic people speak and then continued along this vein to make fun of stimming and finally ending with the catch phrase ‘The Good … Read More Channel Ten’s Comedy Is A Joke

Department Of Education States Violence Is Rare In Victorian Schools

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has stated that “Incidents of violence and aggressive behavior remain relatively rare in Victoria’s more than 1,500 government schools”. This statement was made in response to an incident where an autistic boy was beaten with a spanner outside of a Melbourne school a few days ago. I would like to state that this assertion is not true … Read More Department Of Education States Violence Is Rare In Victorian Schools

2 Years Old Today!

Two years ago today, I wrote a Facebook post revealing a secret I had been hiding for four years. Since that day I have dedicated my time to advocating for a more accepting and inclusive world for people on the autism spectrum. Today we celebrate two years since the post that started this all, two years of giving hope to young people on the … Read More 2 Years Old Today!

Spectrospective 2018 Film

Hi everyone and once again Happy World Autism Awareness Day, I hope your day has been great so far. For those of you who unfortunately could not watch the Spectrospective film on the big screen, you can watch the full film and everyone’s individual video submission by heading to: You can also view my full video submission to Spectrospective by heading to:

Let’s Take a Stand Together Against Bullying

Have you ever woken up in the morning, afraid of what people may say or how they might treat you at school today? this is the reality for 90% of students on the autism spectrum, this was my reality for 7 years. I went all the way through primary school afraid and ashamed of being me, I was called names, I was pushed and … Read More Let’s Take a Stand Together Against Bullying

Awetism Classroom Cancelled

I have some sad news. After 5 months of organisation and a great deal of support from many organisations and businesses, I have due to lack of registrations taken the decision to cancel the Awetism Classroom Professional Development day for this year. Registrations have been open for an entire month yet there have only been 9 registrations. This is especially disappointing as this day … Read More Awetism Classroom Cancelled

I will be live in 10 Minutes

I will be live in 10 Minutes on my youtube channel I look forward to seeing you there

Live in 1 hour

I will be live in one hour on my youtube channel I look forward to seeing you there

Livestream This Tuesday

Hi everyone, as it has been awhile since the last Livestream I have decided to have one this Tuesday the 30th of January at 5:00pm AEDT on my Youtube Channel. As there will be a Q&A Segment please leave any questions you may have in the comments below, these could be about my work, upcoming events or even advice. I look forward to seeing … Read More Livestream This Tuesday

Life after school

A little while ago I was interviewed by the ABC for an article about life after year 12 make sure you check it out.”I hid my autism diagnosis for four years – I felt ashamed of being different. When you go from primary school to secondary school you have to re-build everything from scratch, and change isn’t our strong suit, and being social isn’t … Read More Life after school

Australian Autism Community Outraged

Last night Don Burke described autism as a genetic failure, and something you could use to get out of any situation. In an interview on A Current Affair, he claimed he had Asperger’s even though he has never been clinically diagnosed. He blamed his “Asperger’s” for his actions 30 years ago sparking outrage in the autism community. As a proud person on the autism … Read More Australian Autism Community Outraged