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We Need Your Help

I love my work as an autism advocate as I have the opportunity to work along side you guys to create a world that accepts, embraces and includes people of different abilities. This work has included speaking at many events to change the stigma that surrounds the spectrum, creating a resources page on my website to assist families and individuals on the spectrum which … Read More We Need Your Help


2018 Christmas Post

2018 was another amazing year, Elon Musk launched a Tesla Roadster into space, either demonstrating Tesla’s new delivery system or that Elon Musk has too much time on his hands. Australia got a new Prime Minister, again, making the job of Prime Minister the most undesirable and short-term job in government and youth began to do parliament’s job by making their voices heard at student organised protests and in a lot of ways were doing a better job of representing Australia’s views, however, what did the year look like for the autism community?

3CR Radio Interview Update

For those who like me were not able to listen live to the radio show on the 3rd of December you can find the recording of the show by heading to and scrolling down to the 10:30am time slot and clicking listen now.

Recharge Rooms In Schools Pilot Program

Hi everyone, I have some exciting news. For the past 11 months, I have been working on a pretty cool project called the Recharge Rooms In Schools Program. This program allows schools to host one of my innovative Recharge Rooms permanently giving students of all abilities a safe and quiet space to go to relax and recharge at any point in the day that … Read More Recharge Rooms In Schools Pilot Program

Exciting News

Hi everyone, I have some exciting news. On the 3rd of December, I am going to be on a radio show called The Inclusionist discussing inclusive education. This show will be on 3CR Radio which is 855 am at 10:30 am AEDT. Feel free to stay on the station until 7:00pm AEDT as the disability community takes over the station for International Day for … Read More Exciting News

I Need Your Help

Hi all. My work as an autism advocate is all about supporting the autism community and a big part of this is supplying resources to assist families and individuals on the spectrum to navigate life. This is why I have created a resource page on my website which has links to blogs, support services, businesses and advocacy organisations. Currently, the links have come from … Read More I Need Your Help

A Day In The Life Of An Autistic Student

Imagine you walk into school like any other morning however unlike your peers you are unable to filter out all the individual sounds, smells and sights of everything around you. You can hear the individual conversations of hundreds of people at once. You can hear lockers opening and closing and you can smell that someone hasn’t cleared out their locker for the past month. … Read More A Day In The Life Of An Autistic Student

Channel Ten’s Comedy Is A Joke

Last night Channel Ten aired a comedy parody of an advertisement that made fun of the popular series The Good Doctor. This parody occurred on the show Skit Happens and the video began with the producers making fun of how some autistic people speak and then continued along this vein to make fun of stimming and finally ending with the catch phrase ‘The Good … Read More Channel Ten’s Comedy Is A Joke

The Recharge Room Kit at 2018 vicSRC Congress

The Recharge Room is all set up and ready to go at #Congress2018 I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this space possible. The Rotary Club of Warrnambool for providing some of the funds, Kaiko Fidgets for supplying a variety of their fidgets and of course my amazing mother for running around the western suburbs of Melbourne to … Read More The Recharge Room Kit at 2018 vicSRC Congress

What is wrong with person first language?

A few months ago, at an event I was presenting at someone came up to me and asked: What is wrong with person first language? We have people with brown hair and blond hair; We have people with brown eyes and we have people with different coloured skin, isn’t that the same as having autism? At the time I was asked these questions I … Read More What is wrong with person first language?

Misrepresented In The Media

Hi all today I was informed I had been featured in an article in the Portland Observer & Guardian regarding the I CAN Network expanding to Portland. The journalist who wrote this article neglected to ask my permission to feature me in this article and in doing so misrepresented me by using false and totally unsupported quotes from myself and apparently my Blog. The claims included … Read More Misrepresented In The Media

Q&A with Calum Courtney

Hi all, lately I have been brainstorming some ideas of how I could better use my Youtube channel and have some very exciting news to share. Next weekend I will be filming a Q&A style video with Calum Courtney which will be the first in a series of videos where I interview inspirational people on the autism spectrum. The best part is that you guys … Read More Q&A with Calum Courtney

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