Let's Take a Stand Together Against Bullying

Have you ever woken up in the morning, afraid of what people may say or how they might treat you at school today? this is the reality for 90% of students on the autism spectrum, this was my reality for 7 years. I went all the way through primary school afraid and ashamed of being me, I was called names, I was pushed and shoved and I was even locked in the vice principal's office for a full day just for because I didn't understand the concept of time. Bullying can come in many forms and anybody can be a bully, however, not everyone has the strength to stand out and be themselves. Today is the National Day Against Bullying and Violence so let us stand together as a community and put a stop to bullying by encouraging people to stand out.Bryce Pace Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker #BULLYINGNOWAY #TakeaStandTogether #NDA2018

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Take A Stand Against Bullying

17264133_1663773987257846_1096292992357545264_n Did you know that 90% of the autism community is affected by bullying? Bullying and discrimination is our greatest threat as because of it, we live a total of 18 years less than neurotypicals. Our lives are already hard enough without the added stress that comes from being bullied. I have personal experience of being a victim of bullying 7 years to be exact and have had my equal share of stress which is why I have decided to write this. I remember how much I dreaded attending primary school each day. I remember all the teasing I received from my peers and how I believed that was what the rest of my life would be like. By the end of Primary School I had almost lost hope and if it wasn’t for Brauer College I would still be that kid who was too scared to even wake up in the morning to get ready for school. Brauer College gave me the confidence I needed to be proud of who I am and have taught me that being unique isn’t such a bad thing. I write this post today to tell all those kids out there who are still being bullied that there is hope out there. You don’t have to fight this battle alone as you are not the only ones who have experienced how cruel people can be. In year 7 I had no friends as I didn’t know who I could trust. It took me a year to start to gain confidence and now in my final year of secondary school, I am glad to say that I no longer dread going to school. I have learned that life is kind of like a rollercoaster as you don’t quite know what’s coming next. Some days are great however, others aren’t so great. I have learned that when you find your confidence again life begins to get better as you find where you truly fit into society. I found my true passion and now I help others find themselves again. I advocate for a world where bullying is no longer considered a ‘normal’ thing and where no one dreads attending school. I advocate for a future where no one is forced to hide their true selves. If you too believe that those statistics above are too high please share this post with your friends and family as the only way we can create real change is if we work together. Thank you Bryce Pace Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker.

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