Misrepresented In The Media

Hi all today I was informed I had been featured in an article in the Portland Observer & Guardian regarding the I CAN Network expanding to Portland. The journalist who wrote this article neglected to ask my permission to feature me in this article and in doing so misrepresented me by using false and totally unsupported quotes from myself and apparently my Blog. The claims included that I didn’t think people on the spectrum were amazing unique individuals before I was part of the I CAN mentor program. I would just like to state that this information is so far from the truth, not only have I never stated this information in any of my content but prior to being part of the I CAN program I was already an active advocate. I have always believed autistic people are amazing individuals who deserve to be treated equally in everything they do however due to my treatment in Primary school I began to see autism as a disability instead of just a different set of abilities. I would also like to let everyone know that since I moved to Bacchus Marsh late last year I have been working as an independent advocate and am no longer with the I CAN Network. Despite no longer working with The I CAN Network I do support the work they are doing for the young people of south West Victoria who are on the spectrum and would like to wish the I CAN South West team all the best with their new program in Portland.Thanks Bryce Pace Autism Advocate, blogger, Speaker