Calum Courtney Makes The Grand Final Of Britain's Got Talent!

I am so pleased to say that Calum Courtney has made it through to the grand final of Britain's Got Talent and what better way is there than rewriting a song for your mother. Calum who is 10 years old and on the autism spectrum has shown the world that being autistic is not a negative thing that we should be ashamed of. he has shown us to be proud of who we are and that you can never be too young to do something amazing. I am looking forward to seeing his final performance and who knows he may even win which would be pretty cool. Calum I would like for the last time to wish you luck and it doesn't matter if you win or not as you have already done so much to change people's perceptions of autism.if you haven't seen his semi-final performance you can find it at: you can also see his reaction to making it to the grand final at: good luck Calum and I am really looking forward to seeing what you sing next. Bryce Pace Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker