Exciting News

Hi everyone, I have some exciting news. On the 19th of May, I will be exhibiting at the Ballarat Autism Expo. This is a great opportunity for you guys to meet me in person and also have a look at some of my upcoming projects including the Recharge Room Kit. At this event, I would also like to showcase the talents of those on the autism spectrum and as part of this am currently putting together a CD of autistic singers and musicians, if you know anyone on the spectrum who is either a singer or musician please feel free to mention their name below.Also, you may have noticed I haven’t published a blog post for a while. I am actually running out of things to write about so if you or anyone you know who is autistic or is a parent of a young person on the spectrum who would like to write about their experiences of living with autism feel free to let me know, full anonymity can be provided. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the 19th of May Bryce Pace Autism Advocate, Blogger, Speaker

Ballarat Autism Expo Flyer