Eye Contact results in unpleasant overstimulation of the brain finally Scientifically proven

It is no secret that people on the autism spectrum don’t tend to make eye contact with other people, however, why is this? Up until recently scientists and other neurotypical people assumed it had to do with our lack of understanding of social cues and that we must be taught to make eye contact, however, this is not the case as proven by a recent study.  This recent study has found that looking someone in the eye can result in unpleasant overstimulation of the brain for people on the autism spectrum. Exactly what people on the spectrum have been trying to tell people for years however no one seems to listen to the people who have lived experience as everything needs to be scientifically proven. If you or someone you know doesn’t understand why we don’t like making eye contact please read the following articles. http://blog.theautismsite.com/uncomfortable-eye-contact/

scientific study findings (warning a lot of scientific language)


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Bryce Pace

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