Thank You Mum

Parents are an important part of anybody's life. They teach you everything that a teacher cannot and most importantly they raise you to be who you are. My mother is no exception to this as she has taught me to always accept difference. She is the reason I am advocating for a future of acceptance as she taught me that being different does not make you wrong. she not only taught me acceptance but she was always there when I needed her. I may have been bullied in Primary school however at home I was free to just be myself with no consequence and I thank her for that. I may not have grown up with a father in my life however my mother made up for that by teaching me everything I needed to know. I come home every day now with the knowledge that she is 100% behind me every step of the way. In the past year, she has stepped up and helped me by being my editor and business partner. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her which is why I write this special post for this amazing woman that I am lucky enough to be able to call my mother. I get thanked all the time for being an inspiration while my mother stands beside me being ignored and she says nothing. The next time you see her beside me think about what I have written today and how supportive she is. She is the true inspiration that needs to be thanked as if it wasn’t for my amazing mother I probably wouldn’t be so proud to be myself.

Thank you, mum for everything and happy Mother’s Day

Bryce Pace

Autism advocate, blogger, speaker