World Autism Awareness Day

download (3) I believe that today we should show the world that there is a lot more to autism than puzzle pieces and the color blue. Today, as you may have already heard, is World Autism Awareness Day which is a day that was set up by the U.N 9 year ago in order to raise awareness of autism, however, we should not only be using this day to raise awareness but to raise understanding of autism as well. We no longer need to tell people that autism exists as most people have heard of the word autism. We need to use this day to fight against the stigma that has crippled so many of us. We need to share our stories and educate people about autism as most people assume autism is what they see on T.V. You may have heard of the saying that if you have met one person on the autism spectrum you have only met one person on the autism spectrum. This saying is very true as I have come to see in my work in the autism community. Today we should celebrate our traits and our quirks. We should celebrate all our achievements no matter how big or small they are as today is our day to show the world who we really are. I don’t ask that you wear the color blue or donate to an organization. All I ask is that you promote and show the world what it truly means to be autistic.


Bryce Pace