Passions shape our world

People’s Passions are what shapes our community. Every person has a passion that drives them to get up every day. however how does this shape our community? last Wednesday I had the pleasure to share a night with many passionate young people who had been thanked for the work they do in the community. I with 19 others where privileged to be presented with awards ranging from sports to community and leadership and when someone received an award they would have a list of their achievements read out. When these achievements where read I realised how similar we all were. We all have a passion in our chosen areas that has brought us all together. A passion that so many struggle to find and sometimes don’t discover until later in life. Our passion shapes our communities as every decision we make has an impact on someone else. I advocate for not only autism acceptance but for a better world where we all feel safe to live our own lives without judgement. I advocate for a world where all students feel privileged to attend school and feel safe doing so. I have noticed over the past year that when people hear me speak something changes inside them. They all of a sudden believe that they too can make a difference in this world. I do not discriminate against difference but embrace it. I see beyond people’s differences and find their true selves. This gift of mine I use every day and is the gift I try to give others as if we all saw the world like this life would be great. We would no longer discriminate against people’s abilities but use them to benefit or communities. My vision for a better world gets closer every day as our stories of being different touch people’s hearts. People begin to understand what it is like to live life in our shoes and realise how their voice can make a difference. I continue to write as I can now see the impact my work has on others and I have all of you to thank. If it wasn’t for you I would not believe such a world could exist. Thank-you

Bryce Pace

Autism Advocate, Blogger and speaker


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