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Our Logo

The logo was created to give a visual representation of our vision. The colours that surround the globe represent the diversity of the autism spectrum as “if you have met one person on the spectrum you have only met one person on the spectrum.'‘ The globe is to represent that autism is a world wide community and is not localised to one part of the globe. This represents our vision of an inclusive world where everyone is acccepted, respected and valued. It is a world that embraces diversity as we are all different in our own way and this world needs all kinds of minds for it to function effectively.

A Little About Us

Bryce Pace - Autism Advocate, is a small social enterprise located 40 minutes from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Bryce Pace - Autism Advocate was created in April 2016 when Bryce as a year 11 student wrote a facebook post discussing his disappointment in how his peers were making fun of autism, and also revealing his own diagnosis. Bryce Pace - Autism Advocate believes a world that accepts, embraces and includes autism is possible, we just need to work towards this goal.

Bryce Pace - Autism Advocate works towards this goal through speaking at events and in schools, general advocacy and by supporting young autistics by supplying them and their families with the resources they need to realise their potential. Some of these resources include a regular blog post and innitialising innovative projects such as the Recharge Rooms in Schools Program.

If you are interested in helping to achieve this dream of a world that accepts, embraces and includes autism feel free to have a look at the “Help Us” section of our website. We are always on the look out for new stories and welcome any funds that can be spared for projects that have the potential to change the world.