Month: December 2017

This Young Man Can Really Sing

One of the many pleasures of my job is being able to share the amazing talents of young people on the autism spectrum. Not too long ago I came across a news article about 11 year old Calum who has an incredible voice. The article was in response to a video of him singing in the middle of a supermarket that has understandably gone … Read More This Young Man Can Really Sing


2017 Christmas Post

2017 was an extraordinary year of change for the world. Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, once again raising the question of The Simpsons having a time traveler as a writer. Same-sex marriage was made legal in Australia highlighting how important acceptance and equality is, however, the thing that stood out to me most was what the autism community achieved. … Read More 2017 Christmas Post

Do you have a Calendar for 2018 yet?

Have you bought a 2018 Calendar yet? Don’t worry as Autism Not Weird has you covered with a unique calendar featuring people on the autism spectrum from all over the world. Who knows you might just recognise somebody featured.

Life after school

A little while ago I was interviewed by the ABC for an article about life after year 12 make sure you check it out.”I hid my autism diagnosis for four years – I felt ashamed of being different. When you go from primary school to secondary school you have to re-build everything from scratch, and change isn’t our strong suit, and being social isn’t … Read More Life after school

9 year old advocate

People on the autism spectrum are just like everyone else, with a few quirks added to the mix. George is nine years old, likes creating music on his computer, dancing and loves tacos. A little while ago he decided to create a video for his 4th-grade class to explain what autism is. Since it has been uploaded to YouTube it has gone viral and … Read More 9 year old advocate


Thanks, everyone for your support. It has been amazing to watch this community grow. within just over a year we have managed to reach over 1000 people worldwide spreading the word that being on the autism spectrum isn’t a disability but a different ability. Please feel free to check out my other social media and don’t forget to share with your friends and family. … Read More Thank-You